Bucharest Coffee Week - 2019

Bucharest Coffee Week - 2019

Fold a Brompton, get a free LVEV coffee!

Join us between the 14th and the 18th of May at both LVEV spaces and enjoy a free cup of coffee for every BROMPTON bike fold.

But that's not all:

On Saturday, will take place the real folding competition, between 6pm and 8pm at La Vita E Velo. You can fold as much as possible, the best folding time wins a Madison coffee bag.

La Vita E Velo is an exclusive urban bike shop, selling famous handmade bikes and accessories like Brompton, Pashley and Brooks. Our mission is to offer a healthy alternative to urban transportation in Bucharest, using bicycles that are specially adapted to this environment. Our vision is to turn Bucharest into a less polluted city with healthier citizens or guests that enjoy riding as well as relaxing over a fine cup of specialty coffee or a glass of noble wine, in a historical place.

La Vita E Velo - Emanoil Porumbaru, 72
La Vita E Velo - Ion Ghica, 4

La Vita E Velo

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----- Bucharest Coffee Week 2019 -----

The Bucharest Coffee Week promotes the amazing job made by local coffee artisans, aims to stimulate the community feeling, and wants to give you the opportunity to experience coffee in ways you never thought about before.

This event is one of the 30+ events which is held during that week.

Main dates: May 14 - May 19

Find out more: www.bucharestcoffeeweek.com
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Here are the contestants and their folding time:

Lucian Simion - 11,09 seconds

Verza Bogdan - 51,85 seconds

Camelia Predut - 48,81 seconds

Daineanu Flaviu - 24,11 seconds

Oana Marcu - 46,74 seconds

Miruna Libita - 44,88 seconds

Ariel Constantinof - 43,99 seconds

Teodora - 44,82 seconds

Diana Ciuca - 01:09,69 minutes

David Lopez - 01:04,62 minutes

Neacsu Cristian - 11,81 seconds

Paula Păun - 56,10 seconds

Straton Alice - 35,21 seconds

Andreea Sandu - 01:32,44 minutes

And the winner was Lucian Simion with a time of 11,09 seconds!

La Vita e Velo, magazin de biciclete.

Unic importator Brompton, Brooks, Pashley și Electra în România

București showroom: str. Ion Ghica, nr. 4 (Universitate)